Thoughtful responsibility to get the job done to our highest standards. Attentiveness to you, your partner’s needs throughout the planning process. A calm, levelheaded team you can trust, ready to execute your day better than imagined. A strong get-it-done attitude with attention to detail. 

"Morgan is EXCEPTIONAL at what she does. From the moment I hired her, I already felt a sense of peace knowing that I had the best possible person in place to execute my wedding to perfection... Morgan and her team did exactly that."

what to expect

step 6



Are amazed at what a breeze this wedding stuff was!

Cry all the happy tears you have married your person!

step 5



Savor every moment of your wedding weekend and soak up the love and excitement around you.

Smoothly orchestrate everything, making sure everyone and everything is exactly where they need to be.


step 4


Enjoy the planning process and build a strong marriage foundation together. {Who said this wedding planning stuff was hard?}

Manage all your wedding needs from booking vendors, to a design created specifically for you and all the nitty gritty logistics.

step 3



Sign our contract and do a happy dance we’ll be working together.

Sign the contract and also do a happy dance we’ll be working together! 

step 2



Learn about our services and how we make magic happen.

Get stoked to hear your love story and what you imagine your wedding to be.


step 1


Fall in love and make the best decision ever to get married!

Couldn’t be happier you’ve found your person!

our step-by-step process when working with us

our process

At Prim, our focus is on listening to you. We create a design that enhances your venue, speaks to your heart and we’ll hammer out all the logistics for smooth sailing. We oversee everything from initial concept to the very last details. We love to create effortlessly modern and organic luxury weddings with a fresh, comfortable and friendly approach.

No one wants a cookie cutter wedding. 

Our Style

We give you absolute peace of mind on one of the most important days of your life. You’ve got a professional who has all your best interests at heart and 100% has your back. 


We love immersing ourselves in all the details to design a cohesive event that is an outward reflection of you and your partner. (oh, and is sure to knock the socks off your guests). We pull inspiration from all the things you love to create a day reflective of you. 


We end the guesswork and break your planning into actionable steps with our (very detailed) checklists. We collaborate with your preferences and offer full guidance. Planning events is our jam, so let's do it together.


services we offer

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Average investment $10,000


specializing in understated luxury weddings







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