We Value Inclusion Of All Individuals Regardless Of Sexual Orientation, Race, Religion, Gender Identity, Ancestry, Or Disability. 

our role is to not only bring together the dream team, but to listen to you and create a day that resonates with your values. We’ll make sure you are so well taken care of that you will be present in every conversation, in every feeling and in every dance move. We strive to create an elegantly modern design that stands the test of time because it captured a piece of you and your partner just as you are. The memories created on your wedding day will last a lifetime, and we are the luckiest to be a part of it. 

"Morgan took care of translating our vision for the day into designed perfection. Everything from linens, flowers, fonts, signage and the guest experience were carefully considered and incorporated..."

About the Magic behind prim event studio

Love stories have always been my thing - the kind that warms your heart and gives you the chills. I crave the “diving head first” kind of love. The kind that fuels your soul, and leads to the most extravagant gesture of love - pledging your lives together. I love the infectious happiness, joy and hope weddings bring to a community.


Every client’s wedding looks and feels different because I take inspiration from what you love and add a special touch to enhance your vision.

Like many of my clients, I don't particularly enjoy being the center of attention. I know many couples expect to feel nervous with all eyes on them. But when you get down to it, your wedding is the safest space to be your truest self. Those who only offer their love and support will surround you. And after being both bride and planner, my advice is to be vulnerable, embrace the love and attention, let your guests in, and feel all the emotion.  I promise it will be worth it.

I’m the hopeless romantic, the girl who believes one person can make a difference. In my little corner, I try to bring a little more beauty and a little more joy to the world through your wedding.

Taking note from my interior designer mother, I grew up looking for the next color to paint my walls and new ways to rearrange my room. I noticed how changing the layout made the room not only look different, but feel different. Design is a part of me and I love finding innovative ways of looking at the same thing to make it feel fresh and different. That’s what I love about weddings. 

“I love you so much 
most beautiful darling 
more than anyone on the earth 
and I like you better
than everything in the sky” 
-e.e. cummings 

My favorite part of every wedding are toasts. I love watching each couple's faces light up when they hear kind and intimate words from those they love.


My husband Dave and I first met when we were matched as pen pals while he was on his first deployment to Afghanistan.


I have five adorable nieces and three sweet nephews! Being their auntie and watching them grow brings so much happiness and fills my heart to the brim.


I am vegan because I have a strong compassion and love for animals and animal welfare.


In my free time I love baking, reading, exploring, camping and traveling somewhere new.  


"She is an artist, a visionary, and best in class in what she does. She absolutely exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond on all levels."

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