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After being immersed in the wedding industry for the past few years, I’ve seen a lot of waste at the end of the night.  While it would be difficult to eliminate waste altogether when you’re throwing a party for potentially 100 or more of your closest friends and family (major props to you if that is your goal!), there are easy steps you and your partner can take to reduce excess trash at your wedding.  

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7 Ways to Have a Conscientious Wedding

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Choosing to donate a portion of every service booked was an easy decision for me.  While many may argue it’s not the best business practice to give away portions of profits, especially as a small business, I would say quite the contrary. I’m not like other businesses, and this is what is truly important to me as a business owner and an individual.  I always want to feel good about the work I’m doing, and it makes me even more motivated when the work I’m doing is not only benefiting my clients, but also benefitting a charity that has meaning to my clients.  


5 Reasons For Spreading Love

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