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Honeymoon.  One of the most asked questions you’ll get when planning your wedding “Where are you guys going on your honeymoon!?” “Do you have your honeymoon booked yet?!” Wait, wait, wait, I’m supposed to plan an entire vacation alongside planning an entire wedding?

Thinking about planning a honeymoon can be daunting to some couples, I know it sure was for me! About half of my clients wait to go on a honeymoon at a later date, and about half of them decide to go a few days after their wedding celebration.  While there is no right or wrong way to have a honeymoon, this post is for those who are deciding to put off the honeymoon planning until your bank accounts have replenished, and when you have more time to focus on planning the honeymoon you want, but who still want to have alone time after the wedding…enter – the mini-moon! 


The Best Mini-Moon locations in California

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