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Venue searching is often one of the most difficult aspects of planning your wedding, as you can’t do a whole lot in terms of planning or booking other vendors until you have your venue and date.  I had been simultaneously checking out photographers, getting our final guest list together and looking at some wedding websites, but researching venues took a majority of my time and energy and I wanted to dedicate as much focus as possible to knock it out since we had been taking the early stages of wedding planning slowly and smoothly. One of my favorite venue finder tools that I used was The Venue Report


Our Wedding Venue Search

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Collaborating with other creatives in the wedding industry is always so rewarding.  It’s easy to think of ideas on your own, but I find that I question myself more in my own head than when I’m working with others.  Bouncing ideas off of each other and building upon the other’s ideas always leads to absolutely amazing results, and this shoot is no exception


Palm Springs Desert Inspired Styled Shoot

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Finding a venue can be one of the more difficult tasks when it comes to planning your wedding.  It’s usually the first really big item that you need to tackle and can be a challenge to find something within budget that still suits you and your partner and fits all of your guests.  For those of you that might be lost in the sauce trying to figure out where to get married, here is a quick guide of some of my favorite venues that might fit your aesthetic. 


Venue Inspiration to Match Your Style

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