Getting client photo galleries back is the light in any of my days, it’s better than Christmas, it makes me absolutely giddy, and it makes me take a moment to pause and reflect.

So much time, big decisions, countless little decisions, plan B’s and C’s, hundreds (thousands??) of emails, thought, care, compassion and love are put into each and every wedding – so it is incredibly rewarding to see the images the photographer captured of the day.  I love seeing weddings I designed and those I came in to help piece together, but what I love most is seeing the visible love between our clients and how incredibly happy and carefree they are – totally immersed in each moment on their wedding day — that’s the real stuff that makes my heart melt. 

From weddings that were going to have rain that turned out sunny, to vows said on cliffs overlooking the Pacific, an intimate wedding for 14, celebrating my own wedding, a wedding affected by the Wine Country fires, to a pro-bono wedding for a couple in need, I had a truly incredible year and couldn’t have asked for anything else from my clients — they trusted me wholeheartedly, and I built amazing connections and friends along the way. I helped clients in the heart of San Francisco, to farms on the coast, throughout Wine Country from Sonoma to Calistoga and Healdsburg, over to the Sierra Nevada mountains in Yosemite, to views overlooking the Golden Gate and private estates all over the Bay Area – I love the range of wedding perspectives my clients bring, and love being able to help bring their day to life, no matter the location, no matter the venue, no matter the aesthetic.  That’s what truly makes my job so interesting and so exciting to do each and every day. 

Among the hundreds (thousands) of images from 2017 weddings, these are some of my favorites! (note: I’m still missing a few galleries from this year…so I’ll be adding more in the next few weeks as they roll in!) 

Photos by: Onelove Photography, Kristine Herman Photography, Danielle Poff Photography, Retrospect ImagesHelena and Laurent, Marble Rye Photography, Diana Rothery, Jillian Gorman, Kate Harrison Photography, D. Lillian Photography, Kristina Adams Photography, Molly Gilholm 

My Favorite Images from 2017 Weddings

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