In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on 99 random things I am grateful and thankful for. I self-admittedly am not great at living in the moment — I’m busy thinking about the next client’s wedding, and find myself constantly thinking about future moments and events.

But right now, I’m going to stop and be grateful for what I have right here, right now. Here is my list, in no particular order! 

  1. An extremely loving husband who supports me unconditionally 
  2. Industry friends that inspire creativity, are trend setters, and there for me when we all need a moment to talk shop 
  3. Incredible clients who have trusted me 100% with their day
  4. My loving family 
  5. Books that you get lost in for hours 
  6. Having the drive to succeed
  7. The leaves changing colors 
  8. Friends both near and far who pick right back up where we left off without missing a beat
  9. Living in a community of such strong and resilient individuals. 
  10. Brave individuals who stand up for what they believe in and advocate for those less fortunate or for those who do not have a voice
  11. Having a cozy home
  12. Random acts of kindness from strangers 
  13. Wet nosed puppy kisses
  14. Endless opportunities to seek truth and knowledge 
  15. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 
  16. Children’s toothless smiles 
  17. Making a difference in someone’s life 
  18. The comfort of sleeping next to someone you love 
  19. The hours hundreds of people spend protecting our wildlife 
  20. Unconditional love 
  21. Travel and the opportunity to see different cultures all around the world 
  22. Those who serve our country 
  23. The relaxing sound of wind blowing through palm trees on the beach
  24. Volunteer opportunities 
  25. Snowboarding through fluffy powder snow 
  26. Those who lead by example 
  27. A healthy body 
  28. Science 
  29. Community leaders 
  30. The opportunity to attend school 
  31. Amazing photography that captures perfect little moments 
  32. Early morning sunrises
  33. The way the Internet connects people from around the world 
  34. Music that feeds your soul  
  35. Pillow Talk 
  36. Environmental activists 
  37. Almond Milk Lattes 
  38. Imagination 
  39. Medicine – modern and traditional techniques which both have their place 
  40. Velvet 
  41. Perfectly lined up bookshelves 
  42. Commitment 
  43. The shock your body feels jumping in a cold lake that all you can do is laugh about it
  44. Green energy 
  45. Weekend Getaways 
  46. My two adorable kitties 
  47. Morning light that shines in at just the right angle 
  48. Laughing so hard it hurts 
  49. Therapy workers helping veterans 
  50. Paper Source 
  51. The feeling of sand running through your fingers 
  52. Freshly squeezed lemonade 
  53. A really good sweat while working out 
  54. Aromatherapy candles 
  55. Accountants  
  56. Our beautiful planet 
  57. The boundaries that artists push 
  58. Dog memes…and memes in general for the comedic relief they provide
  59. Crisp crunchy Fall leaves 
  60. Modern plumbing 
  61. Children’s laughter 
  62. Constructive arguments that open both speakers eyes 
  63. Underwater photography and videography to get a glimpse into the life of the majority of our Earth 
  64. The comfort of my mom 
  65. Giving the perfect gift to a friend 
  66. Color – all of them and their shades and tones 
  67. My family’s support 
  68. Documentaries that teach you something new
  69. Flowers as big as your face
  70. Random solo-dance parties in the middle of the living room  
  71. Netflix (and chill) 
  72. Emotional capacity
  73. Views from mountaintops 
  74. The calming sound of rain delicately falling on the roof and windows 
  75. Reconnecting with old friends 
  76. Breakfast in bed 
  77. Female empowerment 
  78. Family dinners 
  79. Lazy Sundays 
  80. Watching someone’s face light up when they’re really really happy 
  81. Brisk cool walks 
  82. Deep conversations with friends and loved ones 
  83. My nieces and nephews health
  84. Symmetry 
  85. Getting through moments that are so difficult and coming out feeling empowered and stronger 
  86. Perfectly ripe fruit picked straight from the plant
  87. Learning something new 
  88. Being able to do what I love every day and calling it work 
  89. Summer camp 
  90. Sunsets so beautiful they make you cry 
  91. Really good macaroni and cheese 
  92. Cozy nights by a fireplace 
  93. Teaching someone something new 
  94. Animal sanctuaries 
  95. The images that have two pictures hidden within and play a mind trick on which one you see first
  96. Endless inspiration at every turn 
  97. Helping someone in need 
  98. Discovering old photographs and memories that had been forgotten 
  99. Being anywhere in the world with the one you love and feeling like home 

This was a really good exercise.  At around number 25 I debated going only to 50 because I was having trouble coming up with things that I felt “sounded good” to be grateful for.  But once I got over myself and decided it didn’t matter what they were or what they sounded like, as long as I was truly thankful for them, then they all started to flow much more quickly.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

99 Things I am Thankful For…

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