Today I’ll be sharing a bit about how to select a design for your paper goods, and what we ended up selecting for our Save The Dates! 

Save the Dates are typically going to be the first bit of wedding related materials that you’re guests are receiving, so it can be nice to give them a hint of what is to come, and to keep your save the date in line with the overall design for your day. It really is the first impression your guests will have of your wedding day! This absolutely is not a “requirement”, but just another way to help make the day, and all the little details, feel a bit more reflective of you and your partner. 

The easiest piece of the puzzle to gather inspiration from is your venue! If your venue is tucked in the woods, it’s probably safe to go with some sort of imagery of natural elements, if you’re getting married at an industrial loft in the city, you really have lots of options to pick what you want the aesthetic of your day to be like – really bright and colorful, or ultra modern and all white, or something black and gold? Or, if you’re lost and confused, or need to get your save the dates out as soon as possible and don’t have the time to go through creating something custom, you can go with the unfailing option of an engagement picture of you two, or an image of the area you’re getting married!  

Minted really does have tons of options for your save the dates, and can be a great place to gather inspiration if you plan on doing custom.  There are so many websites that offer phenomenal save the dates that might be perfect for your wedding, but I was having difficulty finding anything that I felt was just right for us, and had a particular vision for our paper goods, so we decided to go the custom route.  If you have a wedding planner (hint, hint) send them some inspiration of what you’re liking, and usually it’s pretty easy to distinguish what is custom design vs stock from a website and they can figure out the best route for your aesthetic and budget. 

Our venue is very reminiscent of Native American motifs and pattern. After all, the venue’s original name, Ahwahnee, is a Native American word which means deep, grassy valley.  Our venue lends really well to the mixture of bohemian and natural elements, which we want for our day.  Inspired by a common pattern found on many of the rugs hanging throughout the venue, we used that as the base of the Save The Date.  We worked with Cassie of Peanut Press Creative, whose work included phenomenal use of patterns and geometric shapes, to help bring our vision to life. We knew she would nail exactly what we were looking for and were blown away by her designs! It’s always amazing to see the results that other creatives are able to put together from your vision. 

A few things to think about when letting your designer know what you want:

– do you gravitate toward a certain style or aesthetic of font? How much font variation do you want?

– do you want your date written out, or in numerical form?

– are there any special pieces of information you need to include, like your wedding website?

– what sort of colors do you like, or dislike, and how much color variation are you looking for? 

– do you want to address the envelopes yourself, or hire them to do so? If you write yourself, be sure to order extra envelopes for any mess-ups!! 

– what about return address? Do you want them printed on, or are you hand addressing?  We opted for a stamp that Cassie created for us, which worked out great, but again, order extra envelopes because there was a little learning curve here to how to stamp them properly! 

– how many guest households are being invited? Order 10 (or more!) additional invitations, and I’d say 20 extra envelopes in case you need to invite any last minute additions, and so you can keep a few for yourself for keepsakes, and you can mess up on a few envelopes and still be okay.  We ordered 10 extra and I have only one envelope left! 

– is there any special wording you want? I knew I didn’t want the actual words “save the date”, and Cassie came up with some great alternative options for us!  

Below is the final version of the Save The Dates we sent to our guests! We absolutely loved that Cassie came up with the idea to include the coordinates of our venue and the crest, I thought that was such a special touch.  We love the illustration of Half Dome and would love to include on other paper goods on the day itself like bar menus, or a welcome sign.  I ordered custom stamps from Zazzle, which I thought was a fun touch to add of Half Dome as the first thing guests see when they received this in the mail as a little hint of what was to come! 

Save The Date Design

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