Wedding websites are a really great tool for your guests to utilize, and can save you money on paper goods so you don’t have to enclose maps, hotel information and your registries on info cards enclosed with your invitations. Since our wedding location falls under the “slightly difficult to get to and requires planning ahead” category, I knew we had to get started on our website early so we could provide lodging information to our guests as soon as possible. This also meant getting on Save The Dates quickly, so we have a vehicle to provide all of our guests with our website and therefore with lodging and travel information. 

Wedding websites are there to make your life easier; instead of guests asking you a zillion questions about what they should wear, where do they park or what airport should they fly into, you can simply direct them to your wedding website (where you should answer all of these questions).  

Setting up your website should be fun and easy, not a cause for headache.  I tested a bunch of websites for you on their ease of user interface, design and customization options, so you don’t have to! 

Wedding Woo: This site was fairly straight forward, but didn’t offer a lot of design options. It took some playing around to figure out fonts and how to change and add tabs at the top of my page. Overall, I felt the options offered were a little bit boring and didn’t have the amount of design customization I was going for.  At $49 for a year, they are a great price if you need a fair amount of customization with tabs, and if you don’t care so much about the website aesthetic. 

Ease of User Interface: B // Design: C // Customization: B // Overall Grade: B-

Minted: Minted is becoming such a “go-to” site for all of your wedding needs, and now with websites they are at it again.  They have great design options that match a bunch of their invitations, which would be a big bonus if we were using minted and wanted everything to match. They offer great design customization with lots of options, but fall short in customization of the website in terms of changing navigation names and adding navigation tabs.  With our wedding needing some specific information, I felt I wasn’t able to tailor enough to our day.  This would be a fine website to use for a more straightforward wedding location. With their basic websites free, and their premium at a one time payment of $35, you can’t complain much! 

Ease of User Interface: A- // Design: A- // Customization: C // Overall Grade: B+ 

Glo: Glo had more template options than Wedding Woo, but many were very basic. You could also upload your own design, which I think I could have mastered, had I spent more time.  They had an easy user interface, and I was pretty much sold.  They also allow you to keep track of guest addresses and track RSVPs which is a big perk if you want to do that electronically. I didn’t love the designs as much as Minted, as they were a lot simpler, but this site offered more personalization with tabs and information you can put on the website than Minted, which was my higher priority. At $79 per year as the lowest package option, it was slightly more expensive than the others, but I was willing to go for it and didn’t need the upgrades for sending guests messages etc.

Ease of User Interface: B+ // Design: B // Customization: A- // Overall Grade: B+

Riley & Grey: This site has really beautiful template options, which is really what they pride themselves on.  They also offer matching paper goods for many of the designs as well, which is another perk if you are a little OCD like me and would like everything to match. I loved many of the design options, but none fit our day that well.  They did have tab customization, and I liked that each page offered a few template layout options for how you wanted your information to be displayed to your guests. Visiting this site after Glo, it was nice to see more complex and beautiful design options, but $240 for one year is a steep price to pay for a website. 

Ease of User Interface: B+ // Design: A- // Customization: A- // Overall Grade: A- 

Appy Couple: Appy Couple offers well thought out design options like Riley and Grey, and has pages and pages of beautiful templates to decide between. The biggest downside was that they do not offer a free trial like all of the other sites did (or at least I couldn’t figure out how to do a free trial if they do).  It was only $39 one time payment so it wasn’t a huge investment, but was a bit annoyed I couldn’t try it out first because we ended up not using it.  I got to customizing and everything was going great, until I realized I had to provide a code to all of our guests, even if the website was public. I tried playing around with it for a bit to see if I could avoid having guests needing to use a code to access, but couldn’t figure it out. 

Ease of User Interface: A // Design: A // Customization: A // Overall Grade: A- (only because of the code!) 

Squarespace: I use Squarespace for my wedding planning site, and I absolutely love it.  Because I am familiar with their interface after using it almost on a daily basis, it is like second nature to me, but I remember it did take a little bit of playing around because they have so many templates and customization within each template.  Ultimately, we ended up with Squarespace after all testing all the others.  I love that I can keep it simple, and the back end is very clean and straightforward.  I also love the amount of customization we can make in terms of design and the way information is distributed to our guests.  At $144 for a year, it is one of the more expensive options, but seemed worth it to me to not cause a headache.  Also, I love that it is so easy to get a custom URL through their site that doesn’t require you to have “squarespace” in the URL itself (and the first year on ours is free which is all we need it for anyway). 

Ease of User Interface: A- // Design: A // Customization: A // Overall Grade: A 

If you are looking for a free wedding website, The Knot has the most popular one around.  I have not tried it, but I have many clients that use it and love it and would definitely recommend you to check it out if you don’t want to pay for a website. 

I hope this helps you find which website will be the best fit for your day!


What Is My Favorite Wedding Website?

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