I am so excited to see my spring wedding advice featured over on Martha Stewart Weddings! If you have a moment, go check it out! 

Spring weddings can often get jumbled or mixed with too many pastels that elicit thoughts of Easter.  While there is nothing wrong with pastels, sometimes going a little overboard can be a bad mixture, unless you are going for an Easter wedding theme! Keep reading for my spring wedding advice!

  Josh Gruetzmacher

Josh Gruetzmacher

One of the reasons I love spring is because it allows us to emerge from our cozy winter cocoons and spend more time outdoors soaking up that Vitamin D.  I suggest using elements in your springtime wedding that are inspired by nature and the aspects we love most about spring — lots of greenery and fresh florals!  Some of my favorite flowers I suggest to my springtime clients are sweet peas, lily of the valley, wildflowers, and anemones (my all time favorite flower!). While tulips have their place, these springtime beauties certainly won’t go un-noticed in their uniqueness!  I also love incorporating branches in springtime– they have such an organic feel and really capture springtime! Bonus for using blooming cherry blossom branches! 

Besides being outside in the spring, something else I love is that fresh lemonade after being in the warm sun.  Springtime offers us tons of new produce and local ingredients that spring weddings should take advantage of! What about adding honey, mint or rosemary to a signature drink to really capture that thirst quenching freshness?  Or try adding the fresh and in season limes and nectarines in your tablescape, or my personal favorite, a blooming artichoke or cactus! 

Another under utilized springtime wedding idea is basing your color palette off of a strong jewel tone, and then from there using other analogous colors that vary in shade from the jewel tone, and even incorporating a pastel here and there.  When based with a strong jewel tone, fresh greenery and strong white florals, the pastels won’t scream Easter as they do when they stand alone. 

I hope this article and advice can prove helpful to brides and grooms who truly want to capture the essence of springtime in their wedding! 



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