In an effort to provide more inspiration to couples, and as an exercise in creativity for myself, I’m going to start a Monday Mood Board series on my blog.  We’ll see if I can keep it up each week!

 A mood board is a really great place to start when you maybe don’t know exactly what you want something to look like, but know what you want it to feel like.  Some of the best brands out there excel because of the way you make you feel when you work with them or purchase from them.  One of the exercises I went through when I started Spreading Lovely was to figure out how I want my clients to feel when they work with me.  The mood board below is what I came up with for my logo, which is really the first impression my brand has on potential clients.  

I’m generally a bubbly, outgoing and an easy to get along with person — bright colors translate my personality and inspire me, so I knew I wanted to have a colorful logo.  I also wanted a fun and not too serious logo, because my clients don’t take themselves too seriously, they love being outside (that’s where the flowers come in) and they are level headed, despite the pressures of planning a wedding.  It was important to have a logo that not only represented me, but also could attract my clients and make them feel appreciated.  The watercolor tones the colors down a bit to show a bit more seriousness because I do not take my job lightly, and do absolutely everything I can to make their day as special as possible. 

As my brand changes, I may change my logo down the road, but for now I think it fits me, my clients and my brand well. 

See you next Monday! 


Monday Mood Board

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