Everyone’s heard about wedding horror stories that turn into a funny story later… like… way later.  I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be a victim of a wedding gone wrong!  A Wedding Emergency Kit is a great start to making sure your day goes off without a hitch (hiring a planner to handle the mishaps without you even knowing about them is always the best option)!  

 Gabriel Harber

Gabriel Harber

A Wedding Emergency Kit is a bag I bring to every single wedding.  This bag is the mothership of all bags… it holds various items from makeup remover to safety pins to floral shears.  This (large) bag and all it’s goodies carry the solution to so many (little) wedding emergencies to prevent them from becoming wedding catastrophes!  I’ll outline a list of the most important items I keep in my wedding emergency kit and why.  Feel free to add anything to yours you even *think* you might want on the big day!  It’s always better to be over prepared rather than underprepared when it comes to making sure such a big and amazing party goes off without a hitch!  

Safety Pins

I would recommend having safety pins in a few different sizes and having both silver and gold – you never know what they will be used for.  I’ve used safety pins for a number of various tasks at weddings, including using one to pin together the back of a wedding dress when the clasp broke and the zipper was starting to inch its way down.  Also, dresses that don’t have a built in bustle (side note: always make sure you build in a bustle to your dress if its long and flowy and doesn’t come with one), can have a bustle made from discreetly hidden safety pins.  Safety pins are so handy and are definitely a must have in your wedding emergency bag. 


Or at least some version of stomach medicine.  You never know when stomach cramps and bloating will hit and your wedding day often has a lot of nerves, adrenaline, possibly lack of food and champagne and some of our stomachs react in a not so pleasant way.  There have been a time or two a bride has needed tums and I am always so glad to hand them over.  No one likes being bloated or having a stomach ache, especially on your wedding day! Make sure you pack these!

Clear Packaging Tape & Double Sided Tape

There is not much I love better than a good roll of tape.  This stuff can be used in so many useful ways – I mean, its tape!  Both kinds of tape are always useful during set up, especially when wind is involved.  These are both equipment pieces I would never leave the house without.  

Glue Dots

These little guys can hold together almost anything.  Placecards won’t stay in their holder? Glue dot!  Ribbon won’t stay in place wrapped around the mason jar? Glue dot! It’s windy out and you are dead set on having a program on each chair? Glue dot! So many ways these can be used and they are so discreet. 


I always bring extra ribbon in a few colors because its one of those items that can be used to connect, hook, decorate and hide many imperfect items (or tape).  Ribbon can be used in really subtle ways and blends really well with florals as long as you have the right colors.  Adding a little floral and ribbon to any piece of furniture, display or set up that needs a little bit of tlc is a great way to hid anything gone wrong. 

Some other items I keep in my emergency bag that need less of an explaination:



Invisible cord

Needle and Thread (white and black thread)


Bug Spray


Sharpies (black, gold, bronze and silver)

Guest Book Signing Pens

Tide To Go Pen

Long Neck Lighter

Extension Cord

Lint Roller

White and Black Headed Pins 

Floral Shears

Fabric Tape


Nail Polish

Makeup Remover


Nail File

Feminine Products

Oil Absorbing Sheets


Mini Mouthwash


As a wedding planner, it’s part of my job to be prepared for the unexpected.  Wedding emergency kits are a great way to arm yourself for any obstacles that may arise during set up, during the wedding itself, or for personal needs.  If you’re not hiring a planner, please make sure to pack an emergency bag for the wedding day!  The better option, so you don’t have to handle any mishaps yourself, is to hire a wedding planner, that way you don’t need to worry about any obstacles that pop up along the way, they will all be handled before you even realize there ever was an issue! 

What’s one more thing you would add to your wedding day emergency kit? Let me know in the comments below!



How To: Make A Wedding Day Emergency Kit

  1. What a great list of wedding must haves! Thank you so much for sharing!

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